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The Bodymind Centre

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Diane Berube

At age 7, I began a Hatha yoga practice with my Grandmother; she was ever so hopeful that the yoga and the breath work would help to calm me down.  I loved the poses and marveled at what a child could do with breath work.As time went on, I wanted a deeper work out, both mentally and physically. I loved the power classes, the Ashtanga and the Bikram classes.

I found myself waiting for one of my power classes one day, listening to a Kundalini class. Well, did that ever get me wondering what that was about. I loved the Kundalini instantly, but every chance I had to take the training, life said, ‘not yet’.

It was during one of those frustrating times that I came across Dave Oliver, he and his wife Cheryl, (lululemon ambassadors for 2012) took it so much deeper. For me they gave me the meditation, the Ashtanga, the breath work, the chanting and a surprise. Mr. Oliver is known all over America, for his alignment workshops.

With a simple touch here, and a stretch there, I was in alignment heaven. My body had never felt so good. While in Arizona, I also became Reiki certified under Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, another highly sought after healer and soon the people I aligned were also starting to find an awakening in their postures.

For my spiritual journey, I have spent the 2011 and 2012 winters in Arizona at a 3HO Kundalini ashram and last spring of 2012, found me in India for a month. My yoga instructor there, Mahesh Ji, won the regional yoga championship for Rishikesh when he was 8 years old. This child yoga prodigy’s father was, at the time, the most accomplished Sanskrit translator and scholar in India. I spent over 2 weeks in meditation in the golden temple in Amritsar. Then I travelled across India to Sanchi, a Buddhist temple where Buddha himself once lived. I traveled to Beas to the Dera there and was probably the last uninitiated person to get to tour the Dera.

My yoga and my Christian faith did at one time perplex me but on my way home to thunder bay from India, I had a long layover in New York, a museum there was holding an exhibit of the dead sea scrolls. The ones written thousands of years ago on papyrus. It was the original ten commandments with unbiased translations. I no longer see the discrepancies. That day, I found the missing link I needed to see the similarities.

Light is light. Good is good. God is God.

People who seek the light, will find light, as people who seek the good will find good. Find the light, find the good and you have found your spirituality.


Diane Berube (Gianjog Kaur Khalsa)


Currently, Diane teaches HOT ASHTANGA classes here at the Bodymind Centre.  



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