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The Bodymind Centre

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Membership Information

We have several membership options available, with the pricing being reflective of the length of commitment.

pricing options


if you're not quite ready to commit to a membership contract,
we have a variety of other pricing options available to choose from:


the above pricing includes all regular and hot yoga classes, as well as mat pilates and our additional class options,
such as body barr, new york ballets workout, zumba and strength & conditioning.


It is also worth mentioning that Reformer classes are now included in your full monthly membership pricing
($89.00/month or $69.00/month for students).

membership benefits
  • 2 confirmed classes of your choice & unlimited drop-in classes(based on running schedule & space availability).
  • 10%off all merchandise (excluding sale items and lululemon products).
  • 10%off
  • 10% off massage therapy appointments.
  • 10% off personal training sessions.
  • Unlimited drop-in classes during Power Week.
  • **NEW** Guests of members attend their first class free!
  • 50% off drop-in classes for guests of members (maximum 4 visits per guest after first free visit).

member responsibilities
  • Participate in and regularly attend registered classes.
  • Confirm space availability with front desk before all drop-in classes.
  • No credits issued for missed classes or classes falling on statutory holidays.
  • Drop-in classes to be equivalent level of registered classes, or with instructor approval.
  • Provide a Void Cheque for the 1year Membership, monthly payments
  • Advise us when unable to attend registered home classes (either by phone or by using the Early Cancel feature online) so we can make that space available for other members.  
  • Please note: after 2 missed home classes without prior notice, your automatic registration in that class will end.  You will then be welcomed to attend on a drop-in basis.  
    This is to allow students able to attend the opportunity to participate.


terms & information
  • Membership package is based on 12 payments (12 months).  Student membership package is based on 4 months.
  • 1st & last month required upon registration; 10 additional monthly payments must be made (2 for student memberships).
  • Memberships may be put on hold for medical reasons only.  A doctor's note is required. 
  • Membership continues past the 12-month period, unless 30-day written notice is given.
additional costs
  • One additional registered Yoga or Pilates mat or other class per week - add $15.00 per month.
  • One additional registered reformer class per week - add $30.00 per month.

Register today! Drop-ins always welcome



Drop-ins always welcome
Click below for current schedule starting March 4th
Drop-ins, call (807) 344-1628 to reserve your spot the morning of the class you wish to attend.

DID YOU KNOW... When you purchase a Drop-In Pass, you also receive a login to reserve classes online? This allows you to save your spot without having to call in!

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