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The Bodymind Centre

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Sivanada Yoga - 4 Levels

Our Intro-through-to-Advanced Yoga classes are taught in the Sivanada Hatha Yoga tradition by Marissa Levanto-Gleeson.  These are slower-paced asana and stretching classes with some simple breathing exercises.  

Following a standard format, Sivananda hatha yoga classes are based on a routine of breathing exercises, sun salutations, a series of 12 classic yoga postures and relaxation.


Intro/ Beginner:

Perfect for those new to yoga or for anyone wishing to get back to basics, Intro/ Beginner Yoga classes lay the foundation of breath work and alignment principles in yoga postures.  No previous experience necessary.  Lengthen and strengthen your body while mastering the art of relaxation. 


Intermediate / Advanced:

Once you feel confident and choose to deepen your yoga practice, these classes advance your knowledge and increase strength.  Poses such as headstands and shoulder-stands are worked on. 



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Drop-ins always welcome
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Drop-ins, call (807) 344-1628 to reserve your spot the morning of the class you wish to attend.

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