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The Bodymind Centre

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Inner Peace for the World Meditation ~ please share
Sit comfortably.
Close your eyes.
Begin mindfully breathing into your belly.
Direct your breath right behind your belly button, in front of your spine.
Visualize a warm golden light in your belly and
allow the light to expand filling up all of your cells.

Slowly repeat internally:
There is a light in me.
That lights the entire Universe.
Radiating peace, love & compassion.
Continue slowly repeating this phrase for 3 mins or more
allowing the words to vibrate through you 3 minutes will shift your electromagneticfrequency
so you are vibrating peace and compassion into the universe
a drop into the collective consciousness
a drop that counts mindful moments that matter...

you might even find yourself repeating this mantra throughout the day
world peace starts with inner peace
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Drop-ins always welcome
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