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Erin May

Yoga - Pilates - Reformer

After returning from her Structural Integration Training in Boulder, Colorado in 1995, Erin opened The Bodymind Centre in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Over the last 30 years she has travelled the world learning techniques from masters to help people integrate the body and mind. Her classes offer a strong anatomical base for educational understanding as to why we do the things we do. Her 25 years of bodywork knowledge comes across in her classes and in her ability to customize postures and programs for students. Her passions are vagal and kundalini yoga as well as energy work for their healing benefits.Erin is the mother of two wonderful children, Sky and Ocean. She loves being a mom and understands the challenges of work/life balance. Balancing being a mom, business owner and yoga practitioner and teacher.

“Every moment of awareness is our teacher.”

Erin May
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