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About Kodie

Kodie Long is a local of Thunder Bay, graduated from the Massage Therapy program of Everest Coĺlege in 2012. Since then Kodie has been a long standing member of the CMTO and RMTAO and has practiced massage in multiple clinics, spas and yoga studios in the greater Toronto area and previously here at the BMC. With a deep Love for the close connections of this small town, Kodie is happy to be back home at The Bodymind Centre. Kodie is a deep feeling empath, brings an intuitive approach to his care and strives towards a strong professional and personal connection with each of his clients. Spending the last 3 years living in downtown Port Arthur, Kodie Loves being at the centre, active in the social life and art community of the city.

Kodie tells a story of his early years doing massage in Toronto where the letters L.O.V.E came into his head bright and bold and they never left. Love has been a focal point of his Life and practice and is expressed in everything he does. With a deep love for everything living, Kodie has raised two dogs, fostered 15 cats and has adopted two of his own white fluffies (kittens). Coming back from a snowboarding injury Kodie is happy to be one of the only RMTs in the city able to offer immediate availability and is excited to connect with you.

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