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Sepcial Workshops
knowledge . wisdom . experience.

At BMC, Our workshops and classes are designed to help you reach physical, mental and emotional wellness.
We provide self-help and self-improvement tools and a supportive and welcoming community. Our mission is to help our members reach their full potential and to connect with others. Join us and feel the difference 

Discover the Power of Letting Go

a Three Part Workshop Series with Dr. Steven Fonso:

April 9th, 16th & 23rd 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Only $45/session

1 . Cultivating awareness: In this session we delve into the first pillar of letting go: awareness. Learn introspective techniques to acknowledge the thoughts, emotions and patterns that keep struggle and stuckness looping in the bodymind. Through mindful exercises and guided introspection, pave the way for profound self awareness and introspection


2. Embodiment is key to true transformation. Explore how to embody the practice of letting go through gentle movement, breathwork and somatic experiencing. Connect with your body as a vehicle for releasing tension, trauma and limiting beliefs. Experience the liberation that comes from embracing your physical presence fully.

3. Remapping the Brain Unlock the neuroscience behind letting go. Discover how habitual thought patterns are formed and how they can be rewired. Explore techniques such as cognitive restructuring, to reshape your brain for resilience and freedom from attachment.

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