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your mind. energy. & inner wisdom

workshops & retreats

We offer a variety of workshops to help you develop yourself, gain a more positive outlook and better manage your mental & physical health. Our workshops focus on topics such as Space Clearing, Reiki Training and practice groups, Crystal Healing, Breathwork, Tea Leaf Reading , our monthly yoga & meditation retreats, and sound baths.

We also offer Restorative Yoga Teacher Training.
Through our time together, we hope to help you create a more harmonious and fulfilling life.


Vagal Yoga Retreats
(monthly & yearly)

Join us one Sunday every month for a 4 hours mini retreat of gentle vagal yoga exercises, meditation & a relaxing sound bath. 9am to 1 pm.  we also offer a yearly retreat in Tulum Mexico. Next date is Jan 21 - 28, 2025.


New & Full Moon Sound Baths

Enjoy a very relaxing crystal bowl and gong sound bath to bring you in to balance. These sessions are offered every two weeks for the new and full moons. 



Our workshops are designed to help you tap into your own inner wisdom, knowledge and self-healing abilities. Whether you’re looking to grow, have fun, or just relax, we have something for everyone. Come join us and explore the possibilities.

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