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About Sheila

Sheila Sundell is a Registered Massage Therapist (CMTO 2008) and a Certified Movement & Mobility Specialist (M|WOD Institute, California).  She has a full-time established practice and years of clinical experience in multi-disciplinary settings.  In addition to her Massage Therapy practice, she also teaches Yoga and Movement & Mobility classes. Her classes are customized and have a strong integration of her clinical experience and observation. She is a member of the IST (Integrated Support Team) for the Canadian National Development Nordic Ski Team. She also works regularly with First Responders, creating movement and yoga sessions for strength and resilience.

Sheila is on the Board of Advisors for Strong Girls United, a non-profit organization in the USA. Strong Girl’s mission is to empower and inspire girls to become their best and strongest version of themselves through sports, mindfulness and leadership programming. Here, she has worked extensively evaluating and programming Movement.


Sheila serves as a guest speaker on human performance, movement and mechanics at the University, corporations and in the community. She also works extensively with athletes and always has the goal of improving movement and mechanics, to prevent injury and optimize performance.  Through this process she sees individuals gain physical competence and develop independence.

Sheila has always been involved in many different types of athletics.  She is a Crossfitter, a distance runner, cross country skier, cyclist.  She practices yoga/pilates daily.  And now at The Bodymind Centre, she sometimes paddles to work on her SUP…which she claims is a world class commute!!  Sheila is an accomplished volleyball player.  She played for the University of Toronto; she stood as an assistant coach at the varsity level with Lakehead University Thunderwolves Women’s Program under head coach, Chris Green. She competes in the World Masters Games every 4 years. She won a gold medal in World Masters Beach 2s in New Zealand in 2017 and is training for Osaka Japan 2021.

Sheila: “I am very happy to be at The Bodymind Centre.  A premier Wellness studio at the head of Lake Superior…I can’t think of a better place to call work!  I love working  with Erin May, and being a part of the Bodymind team.  My passion is to help people.  I want to bring an individual out of pain and into prevention.  I want to provide opportunity to develop independence”

“It doesn’t matter where you start, you need to start somewhere” -Dr Kelly Starrett

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